The employees are our most valuable asset!

No job is so important that a recognized hazard should remain uncorrected.

Statement of Policy

   The safety of employees is of paramount importance at Waters Construction Company. The human suffering and considerable financial loss that occurs when accidents happen are what we are trying to avoid altogether. By eliminating accidents, our company will raise production and lower unnecessary costs, such as general liability and worker’s compensation. To achieve this, we have to provide an accident free work environment, which takes the cooperation of all employees.

   It is our policy to perform work in the safest manner possible, consistent with good construction practices. To fulfill these requirements, an organized and effective safety program must be carried out wherever work is performed. To ensure the effectiveness of this safety and health program, we must adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Safety must be considered first. It is just as important as production, schedule, quality, and profit. It cannot be compromised.

2. Safety is a management responsibility and safety can be managed.

3. A commitment to safety is a commitment to doing things right-the first time. Ultimately, this results in elimination of injuries and optimization of all activities.

4. All accidents and injuries are preventable. All accidents are the result of unsafe acts or unsafe conditions.

5. Safety is an individual responsibility and a condition of employment for all employees.

6. Every task must be performed with a concern for safety, not only for ourselves, but also for our fellow employees, subcontractors, customers, and the general public.

Safety Measures

1. Training Programs: Personal Protective Equipment, Fall Protection, Hazard Communication, Confined Spaces, Silica, Tool and Equipment Safety, Heat Stress Prevention, Hazard Assessment, Safe Lifting and Ergonomics, Hazwoper, and others. Training sessions are done yearly and as needed. Weekly toolbox talks, all of which are vital to maintaining a culture of safety within our workplace, allow us to reinforce critical safety practices and protocols in the minds of all team members. By revisiting essential safety information on a regular basis, we can help ensure that everyone remains informed, aware, and prepared to handle any potential safety hazards or emergencies that may arise. Repetition is a fundamental principle of effective learning and retention.  

2. Safety Equipment Provided for Employees: Hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, reflective vests and pants, fall protection, and other PPE as needed. 

3. Safety Inspections/Safety Meetings: Managers, Supervisors, and Equipment Operators conduct inspections on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Waters’ supervisors and foreman preform daily JHA (Job Hazard Analysis) to identify and address potential hazards and to implement corrective measures to mitigate them.   

4. Incident Reporting: we use the HCSS software to make observations, report all incidents/accidents, and near misses. This information is valuable for conducting risk assessments and implementing proactive measures to address hazards before they result in an injury.


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We firmly believe in continually educating, training and advancing it’s staff to continue the success of the company, the team and the individual.