Corporate Office Staff

Mario Smith
(33 Years of service)


male avatar

Charles Tourtillotte
(21 Years of service)


John Matthews
(9 Years of service)

Director of Operations

Paving Division

Edna headshot

Edna Day-Johnson
(20 Years of service)

Accounts Payable/EOO/Dispatcher

Helen headshot

Helen Grabowski
(16 Years of service)

Payroll Manager


Stephanie O'Hara
(8 Years of service)

Marketing Director/ Human Resources

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Fred Hoffmann

Lead Equipment Manager

Regional Paving Managers

John Kline
(2 Years of service)

Business Development Manager

male avatar

Ramiro DeSousa

Business Development Manager

Safety Division


Mike Archer
(14 Years of service)

rothe NEW

John Rothe
(17 Years of Service)

Project Managment

Brian Anstotz
(4 Years of Service)

Project Manager

female avatar

Amanda Thompson

Project Engineer