An Estimator at this level should have the following qualifications and complete the following tasks in addition to those of a Project Engineer level 2

  • Has good understanding of HCSS estimating system
  • Can estimate costs for bids up to $ 4,000,000
  • Can recognize and capitalize on value engineering opportunities
  • Has full understanding of crew productivities, material yields, metric conversions
  • Has full command of subcontractor relationships
  • Has full understanding of scope of work, payment methods and variations as affected by addendum
  • Begins to understand how to improve the database in HCSS (activities, bid master codes, library items).
  • Has full command of take-off quantities even though the work might be performed by others
  • Can make risk assessment and pricing decisions on projects up to $ 1,500,000
  • Uses cost tracking systems (Timberline, Heavy Job) to refine productivities in both estimates and database.
  • Begins to negotiate with owners for private work
  • Can export job data to cost tracking and to scheduling software.
  • Can project manage jobs concurrently with estimating.
  • Has a burning desire to advance

Chief Estimator

An estimator at this level should be able to complete the following tasks in addition to the tasks of Estimator Level 2

  • Can estimate costs for complicated projects with structures, holding accounts, summary items, joint ventures,etc.
  • Can estimate costs in multiple states
  • Is responsible for all other estimators in office.
  • Has full control of HCSS system ( improvement of the database, coding, security, backups etc)
  • Is experienced at pricing and risk assessment and can independently price a project up to $ 15,000,000.
  • Is forward looking and is responsible for the management of the backlog of the company.
  • Gives a substantial contribution to the bottom line of the company through value engineering , bidding strategies and pricing strategies.
  • Is able to train project engineers up to the position of chief estimator
  • Works in conjunction with general superintendent/chief project manager to manage projects and manage the direction of the Highway/sitework division.
  • Is part of the management team.

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