Foreman Level 1: Entry Level

A foreman at this level should be able to complete the following tasks:

  • Be able to take direction from superintendent
  • Be able to put out traffic pattern
  • Install permanent construction signs
  • Oversee 1-5 workers on one operation only
  • Keeps work area neat, clean, and orderly. Promote and enforce good housekeeping.
  • Must be safety conscious and be willing to enforce safety protocols with those workers in his control
  • Must be concerned with quality and have the willingness to complete the task at hand with quality as a priority
  • Must understand basic layout: Stationing, measuring with tape, percentage of slope.
  • Must be responsible for day to day scheduling of crewmembers.
  • Must show initiative and interest to learn
  • On paving crew can operate screed if supervised.

Foreman Level 2: Intermediate Level

A foreman at this level should be able to complete the following tasks in addition to the tasks of a foreman level 1:

  • Can work independently from superintendent for one entire shift
  • Oversees 1-8 workers on up to two activities
  • Will work with safety officer to plan safety protocols for up coming activities
  • Understands stationing, works with tape measures with various types of measurement systems (metric, 1/10 of feet, inches and feet).
  • Can transfer location and grade from benchmarks. Can set up and use level.
  • Knows basics of DOT standard specifications and knows how to get information from DOT publications or architect specifications.
  • Must be a well organized and forward looking individual.
  • Can supervise and construct a multitude of activities: Install pipe and structures, form subgrade, patch decks etc.
  • On the paving division must be capable of operating screed completely independently, can operate automatic grade and slope control from information painted on the pavement.
  • On paving division must be capable of running hand work crew independently of area manager.

Foreman level 3: Advanced level

A foreman at this level should be able to complete the following tasks in addition to the tasks of level 1 and 2

  • Can work without supervision for up to 3 days.
  • Has very good understanding of the proper use of all of our tools and equipment. He is able to use this knowledge to maximize safety and productivity.
  • Is concerned with costs and productivity and has a good understanding of man-hour costs/unit.
  • Is completely familiar with DOT specifications and knows how to reference and understand architect specifications for various site projects.
  • Can scale off blue prints and cross sections in both metric and imperial. Is beginning to do quantity take-off from prints.
  • Can shoot grades, transfer grades and has some capability with shooting angles with a transit. Can set up pipe laser completely independently of superintendent.
  • Can oversee a subcontractor in addition to his crew.
  • Responsible for pick-up truck and tools
  • Demonstrates good leadership skills
  • Understands schedules
  • Can cost track activities by imputing time card on computer
  • Can run small jobs with only the aid of the general superintendent ( 2-3 weekly site visits)
  • Schedules his own equipment moves, manpower and trucking.
  • On paving division, (on private and small municipal work) he is responsible for not only the screed but also the crew. He works independently, schedules trucks, inputs timecards, talks to the customer.

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