Project Engineer Level 1: Entry Level

A Project Engineer at this level should have the following qualifications and complete the following tasks:

  • College degree in engineering, construction management or business.
  • Works directly for either Project manager, estimator or superintendent
  • Is proficient at Microsoft office programs
  • Is very familiar with Euclidean geometry and algebra.
  • Understands stationing, cross-sections and profiles
  • Can complete an accurate take-off for road and site-work projects ( no structures)
  • Can set up a bid on HCSS. (Bid quantities only)
  • Uses the HCSS Vendor/Business contact, the Blue Book or the Internet to solicit bids from subcontractors. Understands subcontractor needs and follows through to provide needed information.
  • Starts to learn DOT specs form 816
  • Understands the different methods of payment between unit price work and lump sum work
  • Has good communications skills both oral and written
  • Is organized: uses both computerized and manual filing system efficiently. Takes good notes. Has a clear understanding of Waters paperwork protocol
  • If supervised can fill out purchase orders and subcontractor agreements.
  • Assists superintendent in scheduling subs,materials,trucks and manpower
  • Assists superintendent in co-ordination with utilities
  • Has understanding of computerized project scheduling
  • Initiates and follows submittals, material certificates, shop drawings etc
  • Can handle projects in the 0 – $ 1,000,000 range
  • Can handle up to two projects concurrently
  • Is a self-starter, motivated, organized with a desire to learn and advance his/her career

Project Engineer Level 2: Intermediate Level

A project engineer at this level should be able to complete the following tasks in addition to the tasks of the project engineer level 1

  • Works for Project Manager, Superintendent or estimator but can work unsupervised for min. 3 days
  • Can set up a new job file on P-6, set up all activities, and calculate quantities for all activities according to the phasing of the project.
  • Is entirely familiar with Sitework digitizing software.
  • Can do quantity take-off of three dimensional structures (concrete, steel etc.)
  • Can set up (unsupervised) a new job folder on the network with appropriate files (correspondence, scheduling, subcontracts, purchase orders etc.)
  • Can set up subcontracted activities and material purchases in the HCSS subcontractor system and vendor system.
  • Has complete understanding of scope of work from contract documents and engineered drawings.
  • Can update a schedule on a weekly basis
  • Is very organized: all paperwork is submitted in a timely fashion and is organized without supervision.
  • Understands subcontractors, establishes good working relationships and organizes subcontractor and material vendor workflow without supervision.
  • Can fill out AIA requisitions for payment and is capable of reconciling payment quantities from cost tracking system and from superintendent logs
  • Can set up projects on HCSS cost tracking system and uses system to track quantities and productivities.
  • Aggressively pursues all payment for work completed.
  • Understands different types of heavy equipment and can apply the right piece of equipment for a particular task.
  • Has some field experience necessary to perform the tasks equivalent to a foreman level 2. ( See foreman list)
  • Is aware of how combinations of equipment, materials and labor affect profit. He/she therefore can begin to contribute to the profits generated on a particular project
  • Looks for opportunities to increase profits.
  • Can engineer projects from 0-$5,000,000
  • Can handle up to three projects
  • Is self-starter, motivated has a” whatever it takes” attitude. Wants to continue to advance career.
  • Begins to demonstrate leadership skills.

Project Engineer Level 3/Assistant Estimator: Advanced

A project engineer at this level should be able to complete the following tasks in addition to those of project engineer level 1 & 2

  • Can fully estimate costs for all subcontracted activities. Can estimate change order work, and can estimate costs for routine items.
  • Can construct an entire schedule on P-6. This schedule can be up to 400 activities on a multi-phase job. ( unsupervised)
  • Begins to recognize opportunities for value engineering
  • Can be handed a set of specifications and drawings and organize entire project document control, scheduling, cost tracking ( unsupervised)
  • Can cost track projects; interacts with Waters controller on a monthly basis to establish cost to completion accounting.
  • Understands contractual responsibilities of all parties involved in project ( owner, designer, contractor, sub-contractor)
  • Has enough experience to complete all activities of a foreman level 3 ( see list)
  • Can run project’s day to day activities with superintendent without aid from project manager
  • Demonstrates good leadership skills capable of projecting her/him to a superintendent position.
  • Can attend and run weekly scheduling meetings
  • Can project engineer projects up to $15,000,000 with complicated structures
  • Can handle multiple projects in the $2,000,000 to $ 6,000,000 range
  • Has a burning desire to advance his career.

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