Waters Construction Company has been working to improve Connecticut’s Infrastructure and Highway system since 1972. In 1989, Mario Smith, the current President of Waters Construction, began implementing his multi-divisional ideal, resulting in the efficient and diverse construction company you see today. Since then, Heavy & Highway has become a specialty. Every year the Connecticut Department of Transportation has contracted with us on many projects, entrusting us with the task of prolonging the life of our roads and creating a more efficient infrastructure. In recent years, the CT DOT has awarded Waters approximately $20,000,000 of highway work yearly. Each year Waters works to better our roadways with quality and efficiency, as we have since 1972 

RT 15 Merritt Parkway


CT DOT 102-368
This project involved the resurfacing of Route 15 in both directions, as well as providing various safety improvements and aesthetic enhancements from Main Avenue (Route 7) in Norwalk to Newtown Turnpike in Westport, for a length of 2.5 miles. In addition, rehabilitation of the existing landscaping will be completed by removing invasive species, preserving existing plantings, and adding plantings and the rehabilitation and restoration of historic bridge structures

I-84 Newtown, CT


CT DOT 96-200
The Connecticut Department of Transportation, town of Newtown, I-84 Resurfacing, bridge Rehabilitation, and safety improvement project. This project was spread over 20,000 feet and including 7 on and off ramps. Over the course of this project there will be approximately 67,000 linear feet of crack repair, 22,000 square feet of surface patching as well as 6000 cubic yards of earth excavation.

I-95 Mill and Fill Bridgeport


I-95 Mill and Fill Milford


Ultra- Thin Bonded PMA District 4 Towns of Torrington, Winchester and Woodbury Route 8


CT DOT 161-141 Route 7 Grumman Hill Intersection


CT DOT 102-285 Route 1 & Strawberry Hill Road- WSA Yard


Moses Wheeler Bridge project

CT-Dot 138-249 Moses Wheeler Bridge Breakout Project


CT DOT 106-126 Route 34 & Baldwin Road


CT DOT 127-090 Route 37 Washout


Manafort Brothers Inc. Merritt Rt 15 improvements and enhancements Westport and Fairfield


CT DOT 151-329 Route 8 Retaining Walls


Pedestrian Bridge Ansonia City of Ansonia

CT DOT 02-125 Pedestrian Bridge Ansonia


CT DOT I 84 Over New Park Ave Hartford


I-95 pavement preservation Bridgeport/ Fairfield


CT DOT 160-139 Route 74 Tolland Willington


Spencer Street & Hillstown Road


Artic Street Bridge Rehabilitation


CT DOT 63-704 Airport Road Bridge Rehabilitation- Hartford


CT DOT 102-325 Route 1 Intersection Improvements


CT DOT 43-128 Route 100 East Haven


CT DOT 42-315 Route 44 East Hartford Burnside Ave


CT DOT 42-304/305/310/316 Route 2 East Hartford


YMCA logo

Westport-Weston Family YMCA Exit 41 Merritt Parkway Interchange Improvement


This project will allow for increased travel capacity in order to access the new Family YMCA serving Westport- Wilton area. There will be new entrance and exit ramps, new traffic signals and an expanded commuter parking lot. This work expected to finish by the end of 2013.

CT DOT 056-311Merritt Parkway Pavement Rehabilitation Greenwich, CT


The Department of Transportation project in Greenwich, CT is expect to last 90 days. Contracted for $4 million, this job will encompass the necessary changes to allow the Merritt Parkway to be a safer place to drive. With upgrades to drainage, slope of the road as well as a resurfacing.

Paving of I-95 in Stamford and Darien- 22,000 Ton

Stamford & Darien, CT


Waters started paving I-95 in Stamford and Darien in September of 2012, working as a sub-contractor for O& G Industries. The work was performed at night. 22,000 tons of bituminous were laid to improve the most highly traveled interstate in the area. Waters takes pride in its ability to conquer such a task and works hard to ensure the safety and security of all involved.


I-91 Manchester -Project No. 76-214

Interstate I-95 Greenwich, CT

UCHC Road Widening Phase 2 UCONN


CT DOT 112-114 Replacement of Bridge NO 02197 Route 17A over Carr Brook


CT DOT 63-675 Parkville Streetscapes Hartford


CT DOT 35-187 Darien Speed Change Lanes and Noisewall

CT DOT I-95-236 Replacement of Bridge 557 US Route 7 over Northeast Generation Co. Penstocks

Road Reconstruction & Widening of I-95 Off Ramp

Feb. 07 - Mar. 08

Full Depth Concrete Pavement Reconstruction of I-91

Jul. 03 - Aug 03

Pavement Resurfacing New York Thruway

May 03 - Sep 03

Road Reconstruction Rt 8

Mar 02 - Dec 04

Road Work on Sikorsky Bridge


Interchange Reconstruction of Exit 41 I-95

Jul 99 - Oct 02

Resurfacing, Safety Improvements, and Planting CT 20

Interchange Reconstruction of Exit 41 I-95

Mar 1996 - Apr 2002

Resurfacing and Safety Improvements CT 15

Mar 97 - Apr 99

Resurfacing and Safety Improvements I-95


Road Reconstruction CT 15

Dec 96 - Dec 98

Resurfacing CT 40

Jun 96 - Nov 97

Resurfacing/Median Construction of I-95

Jul 95 - Nov 97

Road Reconstruction CT 794

Jul 95 - Mar 97

Resurfacing/Safety Improvements I-84

Apr 95 - Sep 96