Connecticut Department of Transportation Project

Start Date: March 28th, 2010

Schedules to Finish: March 25th, 2010

Superintendant: Al Swanson

The East Bridgeport Rail Yard Improvement job began with a full clearing of the site. Previously the site stored, serviced and originated six of Metro-North Railroads New Haven main line trains. In anticipation of the fleet expansion, the yard required an expansion, as well as an upgrade of structures for existing storage tracks to accommodate the demands of the new trains. The purpose of the project is to upgrade the existing track and build new tracks. 50% of the site will be electrified, allowing maintenance and storage to be more effective.  The scope of work will be to completely upgrade and construct existing and new track, as well as reorganize storage and parking to be more effective thus, utilizing the available property more economically.

TRC Environmental Consultants were hired by the Connecticut DOT to analyze the soil and oversee the environmental aspects of the project. Waters partners with Clean Slate to ensure proper removal and disposal of the contaminated materials offsite. The existing soil was 100% contaminated by PCB, arsenic, lead, heavy metals and petroleum. The contaminated soils were excavated and moved to proper disposal facilities, thus insuring further contamination would be a non issue.

New materials were imported to fill the eight to ten feet of soil that was removed.

The project is on track and will provide the rail yard with a fully renovated, clean site to stage, park, clean and maintain trains.

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