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DOT 92-603 Reconstruction of Howard Ave

Howard Ave, New Haven, CT

Start Date January 1st, 2009

Scheduled to Finish May 22nd, 2011

Supervisor: Mike Archer

The Reconstruction of Howard Avenue is a result of the widening of interstate 95. The bridge that ran over interstate 95 needed to be widened in order to accommodate the extra lane installed on either side of 95. The existing sewer sytem ran through the foundation of the bridge, and thus needed to be moved as well. New sewer lines were installed under 95 and re-connected on either side. Due to the widening of the bridge to accommodate 95, the city streets leading up to the bridge had to be re-pitched in order to function properly in accordance with the bridge, which was also raised two feet. All intersection corners were raised and realigned with the new construction. Granite curbs accompany the freshly paved roads, as well as new sidewalks.

During the moving of the sewer system Waters Construction dug and worked at times 14 to 26 feet under the city streets. In order to protect our workers and support the city streets infrastructure the Slide Rail System from Efficiency Productions Inc http://www.efficiencyproduction.com/, was used.

In addition to this work, Waters Constrction installed 100 meters of median to the center of interstate 95 in order to protect the bridge pier.

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