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 Project Engineer Intern Roadwork/Sitework Division

A Waters Construction Intern will be selected based on their qualifications during their time in the Waters Construction Internship program their abilities and functions will increase as a direct result of the training in the office and hands on experience in the field.


  1. Pursuing a college degree in engineering.
  2. Has proven good communications skills both oral and written
  3. Is organized: uses both computerized and manual filing system efficiently. Takes good notes.
  4. Is very familiar with Euclidean geometry, algebra, trigonometry and surveying.
  5. Has basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel.


  1. Extensive work in Microsoft office programs and company electronic filing system
  2. Will work directly for Project manager, estimator or superintendent.
  3. Taught stationing, cross-sections and profiles.
  4. Efficiently trained to do accurate take-off for road and site-work projects (no vertical structures).
  5. Introduction to bid set up on HCSS. (Bid quantities only)
  6. Educated in the HCSS Vendor/Business contact, the Blue Book and the Internet to solicit bids from subcontractors. Will learn to understand subcontractor needs and follow through to provide needed information.
  7. Will be trained to find specification information from contract documents ( DOT 816/817, special provisions, architect specifications)
  8. Learn DOT specs form 816/817
  9. Will be trained in the different methods of payment between unit price work and lump sum work.
  10. If supervised, will fill out purchase orders and subcontractor agreements.
  11. Assist superintendent in scheduling subs, materials, trucks and manpower
  12. Assist superintendent in co-ordination with utilities
  13. Will begin to understand computerized project scheduling
  14. Will be trained in using our document management system
  15. Initiate and follow submittals, material certificates, shop drawings etc


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