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Concrete Foreman for sidewalk, cubs and flatwork crew. 5 year minimum experience in concrete flatwork required. Good leadership skills a must! $38.50, vehicle and union benefits.

  • Be able to take direction from project manager/superintendent
  • Can work independently form superintendent for the entire shift
  • Oversee 1-6 workers
  • Keeps work area neat, clean and orderly. Promote and enforce good housekeeping.
  • Must be safety conscious and be willing to enforce work safety protocols with those workers in his/her control
  • Must be concerned with quality and have the willingness to complete the task at hand with quality as a priority
  • Can read and interpret blueprints and specifications
  • Must understand layout and be able to use laser level
  • Can transfer location and grade from benchmarks.
  • Can calculate grades and pitch to ensure ADA compliance
  • Is proficient at finishing concrete and is responsible for quality of finished product
  • Is proficient at layout and installing architectural flatwork concrete
  • Is proficient at working with colored concrete
  • Is proficient at layout and finishing building floors
  • Is proficient at forming and pouring concrete curbs
  • Must be responsible for ordering concrete and other materials
  • Is comfortable with using computers and tablets
  • Works efficiently and is focused on budgets and estimated productivities
  • Uses Heavy Job foreman report to log diary entries and track productivity
  • Pick Up truck

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $38.50 /hour

Send resumse to Stephanie O'Hara at sohara@watersconst.com and Edna Day-Johnson at edayjohnson@watersconst.com



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