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Bituminous Pavements

Waters Paving specializes in the installation of bituminous concrete for driveways, roadways, walkways and curbing. Waters Paving has over 30 years of experience working with bituminous concrete for all different scopes, sizes and configurations of paving. From parking lots to driveways, from roadways to highways, Waters Paving is able to construct the proper bituminous structure necessary for optimal usage.

FAQs about Bituminous Concrete:

Q: What is Bituminous Concrete?

A: Bituminous concrete, more familiarly known as asphalt pavement, is a petroleum based product used for driveways, roadways,  walking paths, curbs  and any project that requires a smooth surface for foot traffic or motorized vehicles. Asphalt is flexible and “gives” during the harsh weather conditions experienced in our area. It is easily and inexpensively maintained and is aesthetically pleasing.

Bituminous concrete is a high-quality material made by blending  aggregate (or small stones), sand and liquid asphalt as a binder to create a substance suitable and malleable for placing and sustaining wear.

Q: Bituminous Concrete is categorized by classes. What are they and what do they mean?

A: Bituminous concrete is categorized into classes based on the size of aggregate or stone used.

Q. How long do I need to stay off a newly paved asphalt surface?
A. For a newly paved roadway, asphalt can be driven on as soon as the rolling is completed. However, for parking areas we recommend waiting 24 hours for the asphalt to cool completely before driving on it.

Below are a few videos that explain more about Bituminous Concrete

Video: How Asphalt Pavement is made


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