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Waters Construction Company is a multi-divisional construction company performing services in both the private and public sectors since 1960. Waters Construction specializes in site work, heavy civil, environmental remediation and Paving.

Waters Construction Company is looking for an energetic, creative, passionate and highly ethical construction professional to eventually lead our heavy civil division. The position will report directly to the Owner/President. Once proven ability to manage multiple projects, expectations are to proceed to division manager.

A senior project  manager will be responsible for orchestrating multiple heavy civil projects. This candidate will have 10 years of progressive experience in the heavy civil field. Experience in scheduling, subcontracting, and both training and mentoring project engineers. Excellent people management skills and negotiating skills. Preferred experience in P6 Scheduling, HCSS estimating and project management or similar.

Projects vary in size from one million to 20 million dollars. Bridge and field experience, along with DOT highway experience preferred. Scheduling, Cost control experience and change order experience as well. For full details of job description see below.

Please send cover letter, and full resume to sohara@watersconst.com and edayjohnson@watersconst.com

Salary, bonus, relocation cost, profit sharing, vehicle and health care are part of the benefits package.


Full Job Description

Description of Project Manager Responsibilities and qualifications.

  1. Subcontractor and material buy out. Such buy out should attempt to achieve a minimum of %5 improvement to estimated budget. Scope of work by subcontractor should be fully vetted out to ensure that there are no holes in budget.
  2. When specialty insurances are required manager will estimate risks and costs to achieve best possible pricing from underwriter
  3. Will construct and supervise maintenance of entire schedule on P-6. This schedule can be up to 400 activities on a multi-phase job. ( unsupervised)
  4. Will set up projects on HCSS heavy job cost tracking system
  5. Religiously tracks, on a daily basis, productivity and cost on project to help keep project on budget
  6. Manager will always be aware of project resource requirements at least three months ahead of project (longer if necessary). Will coordinate with division president to ensure that manpower, equipment, materials and subcontractors are available when needed
  7. Visits project once per week (minimum). Upon such visits manager will go over crew and subcontractor productivities with superintendent to ensure that job remains on budget
  8. At weekly visits, manager will do a site safety check to assist safety director and superintendent with managing of safety. Any safety violations will be noted and abated
  9. At weekly site visits manager will get to know tradespeople and establish personal relationship
  10. Manager attends and runs monthly client meetings. Manager will negotiate change orders and scheduling issues with assistance of division manager
  11. Manager will resolves scheduling and contractual disputes with subcontractors and material suppliers with assistance from division manager
  12. Once per month, manager will meet with controller to go over billings, subcontractor payments, productivities, change orders, material stored on site and cost to complete
  13. Manager will ensure on a monthly basis that all certificates of insurance are up to date and that mechanics liens are collected from subcontractors
  14. On private projects manager is responsible to follow up on receivable collections
  15. In the event of a dispute with owner or subcontractor, manager will ensure that all proper documentation is collected in separate claim files
  16. Manager will assist division manager, president and attorneys with preparation of claims
  17. Manager remains positive in the face of adversity and works on helping the superintendent maintain a positive and forward moving workforce
  18. In the event of the temporary or permanent loss of superintendent, manager should have enough knowledge totemporarily run projects while new superintendent is brought on
  19. During buyout process, manager will be in charge of DBE and SBE fulfillment while maintaining project on budget
  20. Manager will be responsible for monitoring and enforcing quality control techniques on project
  21. Manager is willing and able to train and mentor project engineers level 1, 2 and 3
  22. Manager has full control of contractor/client relationship
  23. Manager attends and runs monthly client meetings. Manager will independently negotiate change orders, payment issues and scheduling issues with client.
  24. Manager will independently resolves scheduling and contractual disputes with subcontractors and material suppliers.
  25. Manager will manage multiple simple and complexprojects in the 5 to 50 million range


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