DOT Paving in CT & NY

Waters Paving has successfully completed numerous DOT Paving projects throughout Connecticut. When the Department of Transportation requires solutions for issues with public streets, sidewalks, highways, and more, we can help complete projects on-time and with little inconvenience to drivers or pedestrians.

The Need for DOT Paving

For any municipality, having well-maintained pavement throughout a city is important to the safety of residents, the local economy and the ease of traffic flow. 

The need for DOT paving is crucial, as it requires the highest level of professionalism, strict adherence to timelines and when possible, the minimum amount of inconvenience to local residents. 

road construction project
road construction

Improving Local Structures

Waters Paving has been working to improve Connecticut’s infrastructure and highway systems since 1972. Every year, the Connecticut DOT has contracted us on many projects, allowing us to help prolong the life of our roads and create a more efficient infrastructure.

We’ve been awarded by the CT DOT over $20,000,000 worth of highway work on a yearly basis. We understand what it takes to ensure the quality and safety of our roadways for all pedestrians and drivers and have been successfully completing projects since 1972. 

Asphalt Services for DOT Paving

There are many aspects of a project dealing with a municipality that a specialized contractor must handle to ensure a positive result. At Waters Paving, we use high quality materials and workmanship. We’ve successfully completed major roadways, highways, and parking lots. Some of our services include: 

Get Started

Waters Paving has served municipalities, towns and cities throughout Connecticut and New York for over 60 years. We continue to meet the challenges of every project, providing sound quality traffic control and safety to all local residents. If you are requesting bids for your municipality, please reach out to Waters Paving today. 


We know how to handle both small and large projects and how to offer long-lasting solutions for commercial properties. Give us a call today to receive a free quote.