Asphalt Paving Services for Municipalities

Waters Paving has been serving the CT and NY area for over 60 years. We’ve worked with hundreds of towns and municipalities, and we pride ourselves on helping our community find stability and success in creating safer towns.

For municipalities, we can help with:

Asphalt & Sitework

For all localities in the CT and NY area, we offer our unmatched asphalt services as well as access to our site work services. 

Asphalt Services & Highway Services

For any municipality, having well-maintained sidewalks, roads and streets are extremely important to the safety of residents and the ease of traffic flow. This is why municipal asphalt paving and repairs are a must, and you will need an experienced team. Our asphalt services include: paving, reclamation, overlay, milling, and paving.

Our team also has experience with infrastructure work that includes road widening, intersection improvements, highway resurfacing, safety improvements, interchange re-alignments, bridgework, and major drainage improvements. 


We know how to handle both small and large projects and how to offer long-lasting solutions for commercial properties. Give us a call today to receive a free quote.