New Milford, CT Commercial Paving Contractors

The team of highly experienced paving professionals here at Waters Paving has been offering superior paving services to all our New Milford, CT clients for over 60 years. Our commercial paving contractors provide not only affordable commercial, municipal, and State paving services, but provide them in timelines that are accommodating to their project schedules.

Our skilled team strives to deliver only the highest quality paving products and services to all our New Milford clients and those in the adjacent towns. We utilize quality control and safety levels that meet the requirements of every project, no matter how simple or complex a project it is, and are committed to working within the specified timelines and budgets of our clients. If you are in the market for a highly trusted commercial paving contractor, look no further than the pros here at Waters Paving.  For more information about our specialized paving services or to obtain a free project estimate, reach out to one of our dedicated team members today.

Porous Paving in New Milford, CT

Porous paving is a specialized paving process that is primarily used to eliminate drainage issues on parking lots, roadways, fire lanes, sidewalks and road shoulders.  Here at Waters Paving, our skilled paving experts provide effective solutions to these water runoff issues with our quality porous paving services that are affordable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly and safe.

Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation in New Milford, CT 

Whether you are in need of high-quality reclaiming, overlay, or mill and pave services, rest assured the team here at Waters Paving has got you covered.  Our paving specialists possess all the background, experience and certifications needed to handle your pavement project, no matter how big or small it may be.  Our asphalt pavement rehabilitation services, including asphalt reclamation, asphalt overlay, and asphalt milling and paving, are affordable and extremely effective.    


We know how to handle both small and large projects and how to offer long-lasting solutions for commercial properties. Give us a call today to receive a free quote.

Asphalt Reclamation

For large and more complex rehabilitation projects that require effective solutions that are eco-friendly and cost-effective look to the experts here at Waters Paving.  Our asphalt reclamation services are designed to help reduce the need for additional materials on all types of commercial projects such as parking lots and additional stretches of highways.   

Asphalt Overlay Services

When a roadway or highway becomes too weathered or worn out, asphalt overlay services are a must do. With that said, the team of professionals here at Waters Paving is on hand to provide affordable and effective solutions to all your commercial overlay projects. Simply give a call out to one of our staff and request a free quote or schedule a free consultation.

Asphalt Mill & Pave Services

Here at Waters Paving, we also provide clients with large commercial properties or those with highly trafficked roadways, our top-rated asphalt mill and pave services. These specialized paving surfaces help to extend the lifespan of all types of paved surfaces and are an ideal solution to many asphalt surface problems.  

Highway Paving Services in New Milford, CT

If you find yourself in need of top-quality rehabilitation services for highways, pavement overlays, reclaims, or milling and paving services, our team of dedicated paving specialists have certainly got you covered. Reach out to a team member today for more information.

Rumble Strip Installations in New Milford, CT

Here at Waters Paving, we also install Rumble strips. Rumble strips are raised strips that are installed across a roadway, highway, or along the edge of a road.  These strips can be installed on both secondary roads and highly trafficked state highways in the New Milford area, primarily to help set speed restrictions or to reduce run-off road collisions.

Waters Paving is a CONNDOT Contractor and our experienced team of paving specialists is equipped to assist with the installation of Centerline Rumble Strips (CLRS) for municipalities and state roads in New Milford and many of the surrounding towns.

Specialty Paving in New Milford, CT

Here at Waters Paving, our dedicated team of professionals takes pride in also providing clients with a variety of other specialty paving services that include, but is not limited to, airport paving, athletic facilities, country club paving, and homeowner associations.

We take pride in our simple mission statement to meet the individual project needs of all our valued New Milford clients and in working alongside clients to ensure that we stay within project budgets and adhere to necessary schedules and timelines.

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If you are located in the New Milford area and are in need of high-quality yet affordable commercial paving or municipal paving services, look no further than the team of professionals here at Waters Paving. Our team stands ready to serve you and provide the best all-round specialized commercial paving services in the state. To learn more about our services, our company and our team, to request a free estimate, or to schedule a free consultation, give a shout out to one of our staff today!