Office Building Asphalt Paving in CT & NY

The upkeep of your office parking lot is important. It offers safety for your employees, clients by minimizing the risk of accidental injuries. Waters Paving can help you repair or replace an old parking lot filled with cracks and potholes, eliminating unsafe surfaces for all drivers and pedestrians. Call us today to receive a quote for your office parking lot.

Safety First

Repaving or maintaining your parking lot will help you comply with government regulations including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). To ensure that you receive an honest, reliable estimate, our team will expertly examine your parking lot and its base before we provide our quote.

Office Building Paving Services

Waters Paving has over 60 years of experience with asphalt pavement, and our team of highly trained paving professionals is ready and waiting to help you decide on the right option when it comes to your office building and the work required for your parking lot. Our services include: 


We know how to handle both small and large projects and how to offer long-lasting solutions for commercial properties. Give us a call today to receive a free quote.

Receive a Custom Quote Today

Top-quality, long lasting asphalt solutions for office parking lots are one of our specialties. We understand the need for a safer working environment for your employees, clients and other pedestrians, and we can help you from start-to-finish complete your desired project on-time and on-schedule. To find out more about our asphalt services, give us a call today.