Rumble Strip Installations in CT & NY

Waters Construction Company is the CONNDOT Contractor of choice for the installation of Centerline Rumble Strips (CLRS) on State and Secondary Roads. 


rumble strips

Rumble Strips: a series of raised strips across a road or along its edge, changing the noise a vehicle’s tires make on the surface and so
warning drivers of speed restrictions or of the edge of the road.

Centerline rumble strips are used on undivided highways to reduce cross-over incidents and resultant head-on collisions. Shoulder rumble strips are used primarily to reduce run-off-road collisions. They alert distracted or drowsy drivers that they are leaving the roadway or crossing the centerline of the road.

In Connecticut, approximately 30 deaths and 1,000 injuries occur each year from head-on and sideswipe opposite direction crashes.

The Federal Highway Administration has identified CENTERLINE RUMBLE STRIPS as a proven safety countermeasure to head-on and sideswipe opposite direction crashes.

Distractions are everywhere these days; it’s likely you witnessed a distracted driver swerve abruptly to avoid an incident, on your way to work today.

While there’s a big push at the Federal & State level to address public safety, taking charge at the Municipal level should be the primary course of action!