Cost-effective technique with environmental benefits

At Waters Paving, we can handle any size milling job with expertise and precision. We’ve worked on small municipality projects as well as heavily traveled roadways and exit and entrance ramps. Milling is an excellent way to alter or maintain an existing grade while reducing the completion time.

This specialized asphalt service may not be the right choice for all parking lots or roads, so it’s best to consult with Waters Paving before finding the right solution for your pavement. 

Asphalt Mill & Pave Services

Asphalt millings are an environmentally and economically friendly alternative to using traditional hot asphalt. From private town roads to foot paths to parking lots, it can be an ideal solution for a long lasting pavement that falls under a certain budget.

During the project, the top layer of the asphalt will be removed to a depth that doesn’t disturb the sub-base below. Once the top layer is removed, new asphalt can be laid down without adding to the height of the road. By using ground-up material for the project, asphalt milling eliminates the need for new material.