As Connecticut & New York’s trusted paving company, we are experts in asphalt overlays. Overlays are often more economical than brand-new pavement, and our specialists can help lay asphalt over a new surface, providing a fresh look for commercial parking lots and roadways. 

Asphalt Overlay Services

Asphalt overlays include the process of paving over an existing asphalt surface with a new layer of hot mix asphalt material. Depending on the depth of the existing layer of asphalt, damage or erosion, multiple layers may be needed to provide a better application. 


Ideal parking lot or asphalts for an asphalt overlay will have little to no damage to the pavement supporting the foundation. The experienced contractors at Waters Paving can provide you with an honest estimate to determine the need for an overlay. With a proper application, an overlay can help extend the functional life of a pavement’s surface. 

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Waters Paving has years of experience in asphalt and concrete paving. From asphalt overlays to milling to paving, we have helped with thousands of projects and can help you create a comprehensive plan to recuperate your parking lot or roadway. For a free estimate, please reach out to us today. 


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