At Waters Paving, we specialize in asphalt reclamation. If your overlays have reflective cracking or you’ve noticed extensive potholes, there could be an underlying issue with an insufficient base or weak expansive soils. When the job calls for total roadway reconstruction, it may be time to consider full depth reclamation.

Asphalt Reclamation Services

Asphalt reclamation includes pulverizing deteriorated asphalt and mixing it with an underlying base material that creates a recycled base. This new base can then be used to layer new asphalt on top. This is an effective way to reduce the need for additional material on new construction projects, offering you a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option. 

Benefits of Asphalt Reclamation

From lowered costs to expedited schedule to additional structural benefits, full-depth reclamation offers a number of benefits. Depending on the size of the project and conditions, reclamation can be the best option compared to removal or replacement, offering you an extensive cost-reduction to your overall project. During a reclamation project, existing material is also re-used, helping to prevent tons of waste material.

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